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At 46, after realizing I qualified for the mid-life crisis checkout line at the supermarket – you know, the one that says: “If your cart contains only hair dying products, age defying products, and ice cream", I decided to take my own Carol For Heart advice and commit to a real step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Follow Debbie’s trek from non-runner to running her 1st 5K at Carol’s Annual Run Of Love on September 18th.  Share your story, show her your support, get moving yourself as you follow her progress.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As CAROL's Annual Run of Love 5k is getting closer, Jeannine is now referring to "flying pigs".  Picturing animals, the one that comes to my mind while I am training for my first 5K is more of a reptile, " Mrs. Slowski", the tortoise in the cable company commercial. I have come to realize two things about myself and my running. First, my slow and steady pace of running gets my heart pumping and my circulation flowing without leaving me too sore to try it again next time.


If you ever catch a glimpse of me from your car as I run, you will quickly notice the second thing I have realized; that I am truly ok with every man, woman, child, and dog (including one German Shepherd with only three legs) passing me. I am jammin' to my iPod music, blissful in my own little world, sweating all the day's stresses out, happy with my progress in distance, no matter how long it takes me.  


After nine weeks of exercising regularly with my son's fiancée Ashley, we are not looking to be the first ones over the finish line, truthfully, we will probably be in the last few that do, but we will be smiling from ear to ear when we finish together. We set out on this journey to exercise our hearts and our bodies; to be proactive in our health so we can hopefully win the bigger race against heart disease and other preventable health issues that are so common in women.


Please join us on Sunday, September 18th to walk, run, or cheer us on; be a part of a group decision; a decision to come out and do something to prevent more women from dying of preventable heart disease. 


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


If there is a metaphor for every situation in life, picture my journey to train for my first 5K as me driving carefree, with the wind in my hair, on a highway with my GPS programmed for me to arrive at Carol's Annual Run of Love on September 18th and the soothing male voice saying, "stay on the current road for 10 weeks". 

Ok, truthfully, my GPS voice has not exactly been my best friend these past 3 weeks and there's been no wind blowing anywhere in this summer's record temperatures. My GPS has yelled out "Detour (family member's medical crisis), Recalculating route"......"Road construction ahead (my hip problem), recalculating route".....and "Road closed ahead (no time to run today), recalculating route".

Point is, no matter how many times life seems to yell "recalculating route" at you, the trick is to keep the same destination and enjoy, or just endure with a smile, the twists and turns that these new directions can take you.

I am still happily working at exercising my heart along with my spirit and it has become a great stress reliever. Hope to see you running or walking along the path with me or cheering me on at the finish line on Sunday, September 18th!!


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Thursday, July 21, 2011


I lace up my new hot pink running shoes and clip on my tiny ipod full of music and walk out the door to endure another 5 minute drive to the park as my inner monologue says “Tell me again why you are doing this because you know everyone’s going to be looking at you; you don’t look anything like someone who can run……”  30 minutes later I get in the car and say back to myself “So what if I look like Woody in Toy Story when I run, I did it, I am Woman, hear me Roar!!!”

Rewind to three weeks ago when my son’s fiancée and I decided to embark on a 10 week journey of training to run our first 5K distance event - Carol’s Run of Love - September 18th  at Warminster Park. Both of us are new to running but our ages and our reasons couldn’t be more different. At 24 and a year from her nuptials to my son, Ashley is looking for that perfect wedding dress shape and also wants to take up running in honor of her stepdad, an avid runner, who recently passed away. At 46, after realizing I qualified for the mid-life crisis checkout line at the supermarket, (you know, the one that says “If your cart contains only hair dying products, age defying products, and ice cream”) I decided to take my own Carol For Heart advice and commit to a real step towards a healthier lifestyle.

So with our motivating reasons in hand, we got the ok from our doctors, found an online training plan geared towards couch potatoes, and started our 10 week journey. Now at the end of our 3rd week, I can honestly say, along with the sore muscles and public displays of sweat drenched huffing and puffing, there is a giddiness of not wanting to wait to try it again the next time, a feeling of accomplishment and self esteem that I haven’t felt in a long time, and a building excitement for the big day in September. The rush of exercising my heart in more ways than just one is really addictive!

As a 7 year board member for Carol For Heart, I’ve done a lot of running; I’ve helped run the 5k events, I’ve run errands, I’ve even been accused of running off at the mouth but I’ve never actually “run” at our 5k, so this year will be very special for me and I want to share it with all of you.

We are roughly ten weeks away from this year’s event and it’s not only a place to try your first or next 5k run, it’s a place to walk with us, or come cheer on others like Ashley and me. Be a part of a group decision, a decision to get up, come out and start a journey to a healthier you. 

So mark Sunday, September 18th on your calendar today and choose one healthy goal to accomplish in the next 10 weeks. Your goal can be as simple as substituting a healthier snack in your day, or adding a quick exercise to your morning or training for the 1 mile walk or 5K run!

We want to hear from you; let us know what your goal is and how it’s going. Humor is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Laughing is music we should all hear every day so send us your funnies too PLEASE!

Our new blog page is here: I’ve started it off with my funny for the day: 

The only reason I would consider running is to hear heavy breathing again!!  -Erma Bombeck





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