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Girls with Gears started in 2006 with less than 200 cyclists on a rainy day and has grown to reaching over 1,000 each year and raising hundreds of thousands over the 8 years to help women learn how to prevent and be more aware of heart disease. Literally thousands of women have been educated as a result of your support of GWG.
Your dedication to cycling and preventing women’s heart disease has provided hundreds of educational programs all around the 5 county area helping women to learn more about preventing heart disease – the #1 killer of women in the U.S. You are making a difference in their lives.
Unfortunately GWG will not take place in 2016. We hope that GWG will return renewed and refreshed in the future.
Thank you for your support of GWG over the last 8 years and stay tuned for future events with CAROL For Heart and Girls with Gears.



We'd like to thank last year's sponsors!!!



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